Terms & Condition

M/s Fiberlink (PVT) Ltd. is a company incorporated in Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance 1984 and having its registered office at Plot FL-3, Bungalow A-6, Block-5, Clifton Karachi hereinafter referred to as `FIBERLINK` white expression shall include its successors-in-interest and assignees. This Agreement shall remain in force until terminated according to the terms contained herein:-
1. The fees and other charges for the services shall be as stated in FIBERLINK tariff, which is subject to change from time to time by FIBERLINK Pvt Ltd.
a. All fees and charges shall be payable in advance.
b. FIBERLINK reserves the right to suspend or terminate the services to the customer is in arrears in payment of charges/fees.
c. FIBERLINK reserves the right to suspend/deactivate any login/account without notice in case the customer’s account balance is zero, and customer fails to renew the account and fails to access the service for a continuous period of ninety days or more.
d. Without charges, customer can change his/her monthly package to annual package.
e. If customer wants to change his/her annual package to monthly package. Then customer will have to pay installation charges as mentioned in tariff.
2. The start date of service/s shall be the date at which the installation/activation of service/s is carried out by FIBERLINK.
3. The customer may terminate the services. But inform Fiberlink before one month of termination.
4. The minimum subscription period is one year. Customer cannot terminate the services before one year.
5. Customer will deposit/return the device/equipment personally to FIBERLINK office before completion of notice period for finalizing the termination process otherwise link consider active and Customer will pay the charges,
6. The subscription/booking and any other charges are non-refundable/non-transferable.
7. Should the customer be in breach of any of the terms & conditions of this Agreement, FIBERLINK may terminate Service/s immediately without being Liable for any termination damage and without prejudice to the FIBERLINK’s right to claim damages for such breach.
8. FFIBERLINK reserves the right at any time and without assigning any reason to terminate this service.
9. The customer shall:
a. Protect the secrecy of the ID’s/passwords/PIN assigned to the customer at all times and shall ensure that the same is not Revealed or disclosed in any manner whatsoever to any person or persons whomsoever.
b. Protection of passwords provided to the customers shall be the sole responsibility of the customers.
c. Not use the service/s for any unlawful purposes.
d. Ensure that their equipment and software are compatible with FIBERLINK systems.
e. Not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights to the information and resources available via the services.
f. Not introduce any computer virus into the internet or the FIBERLINK systems.
g. Not persistently send messages without reasonable cause or for causing any threat, harassment, annoyance, inconvenience or anxiety to any person.
h. Not send any message which is offensive on moral, religious, racial or political grounds or of an abusive, obscene, libelous or menacing nature or may infringe on any statutory regulations and laws.
i. Strictly comply all notices issued by FIBERLINK, regarding the use of the service/s.
j. Not be entitled to trade on connectivity, resell, hire, transfer, assign or otherwise dispose of the service or any part thereof at any time k. Shall not inject any electrical signal into FIBERLINK network.
l. Mikrotek or any similar kind of other router/device are not allowed.
m. Allow FIBERLINK authorized staff to inspect the customer’s premises for compliance with the terms & conditions of this Agreement.
10. The Optical Fiber Cable, ONT related accessories etc. for providing service connection to the customer shall at all times remain the property of FIBERLINK in case the customer fails to pay for services and installation related charges. promptly in advance. FIBERLINK shall have the right to repossess, remove service connection related equipment from the customer premises.
11. The service provided is solely for personal or self-use and customer shall under no circumstances. Attempt to resell/share the service. If the customer is found breach or violation of this clause, FIBERLINK shall immediately discontinue provision of service to the customer and also be liable to pay charges to FIBERLINK as determined by FIBERLINK.
12. FIBERLINK at its exclusive discretion reserves the right to refuse its Service to any party without assigning any reason.
13. FIBERLINK reserves the right to manage and control the access to computer system and data stored within FIBERLINK system/network in a manner deemed appropriate by FIBERLINK.
14. FIBERLINK at its exclusive discretion reserves the right to refuse charge or remove user ID’s/passwords/PIN which it deems inappropriate or offensive.
15. The customer undertakes and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FIBERLINK its Directors and Employees at all times against all actions, proceedings. Costs, claims, expenses, demands, liabilities losses and disparager whatsoever including with limitation for defamation, infringement of intellectual property rights, death, bodily injury property damage or pecuniary losses howsoever arising, Which the customer or any person may sustain, incur, suffer or pay arising out of or in connection with use of the service/s by the customer or act mission of the customer thereof.
16. While every care shell be taken by FIBERLINK in the provision of the service/s or otherwise for any reason whatsoever, or for the contents, accuracy or quality of information available, received or transmitted through the service.
17. The customer shall be solely responsible for and FIBERLINK shall not be able in any manner whatsoever, for ensuring that in using service/s all applicable laws, rules and regulations including but not limited to those prescribed by Pakistan telecommunication Authority and Electronic media Regulatory Authority shall be at all times complied with.
18. Service and the ID’s/passwords/Pin issued to the customer shall not be assigned to any other party without be prior written consent of FIBERLINK.
19. FIBERLINK makes no warranty and hereby disclaims all liabilities whatsoever in respect of and/or arising out use of software provided to the customer. The customer shall have no remedy against FIBERLINK for defects in the software. In no event FIBERLINK shall be liable to the customer for any damages whatsoever including any loss of profits, lost saving, or other incidental or consequential damages arising out of the customer’s for use or inability to use the software even in FIBERLINK or any of its authorized representative has been advised of the possibility of defects or for any claim by any other party whatsoever.
20. The customer shall satisfy himself/herself as to the suitability of the software for his/her needs. The customer shall also be responsible for ensuring the compatibility of the software with his/her equipment.
21. In the event that changes are introduced to the FIBERLINK’s network, FIBERLINK shall not be responsible to ensure that the software will continue to be compatible with FIBERLINK’s Network and the User shall not claim whatsoever against FIBERLINK by reason of such changes. 22. The customer shall strictly comply and shall ensure compliance by his employees and agents with all instructions or notices in whatever form and through whatever means given by FIBERLINK from time to time regarding the use of the software.
23. FIBERLINK shall not guarantee availability of data access ports or any specified response time for any method of data/internet access to FIBERLINK.
24. FIBERLINK shall not have liability whatsoever or be deemed to be in default for any delay failure in performance under this agreement resulting from acts beyond the control of FIBERLINK including and with limited to the God, acts or regulations of any governmental or supra-national authority, war or national emergency, accident, fire, lighting, equipment failure, computer software malfunction, electrical power failure, telecommunication line failure, net, strikes, lockouts, industrial disputes (whether or not involving FIBERLINK employees) or epidemics of infectious diseases.
25. These terms and conditions are subject to charges by FIBERLINK without prior notice and without assigning any reason thereof.
26. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
27. Voice transmission and reception of any sort is strictly prohibited as per the Pakistan Telecommunications Act of 1996
28. The connection may be monitored at any time by the relevant and legitimate agencies of the Government of Pakistan for reasons of national interests’ security.
29. Any notice request or consent required or permitted to be given or made pursuant to this Agreement shall be in writing and shall be deemed to have given or made when delivered in person to any authorized representative of party to whom the communication is addressed, or when sent by registered mail, telex, telegram or facsimile to FIBERLINK.
30. In case of personal delivery or registered mail on delivery: and in the case of facsimiles, twenty four (24) hours following confirmed transmission, disregarding weekends and national holidays. Facsimile notices shall not require confirmation by hard copies.
31. This Connection only for Consumer/Home Use, in case of any commercial use or re-distribution/re-sale or share outside your premises, as per PTA rules and regulation is illegal and you may face the legal action from PTA. Your connection will be terminate immediately, all the equipment will be dismantle and no amount will be refund.